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You can now protect the financial interests of your business when it faces lawsuits or third-party claims with General Liability insurance.

Cover your business against some
common liability exposures.


This covers you for people injured while on your premises, which includes buildings, sidewalks, and parking lots.


This covers the operations or activities of the employees.


This covers injury arising from the use or consumption of merchandise away from the premises of the manufacturer or vendor

Completed Operations

This refers to construction type risks, where the work is completed for its intended use and then a person is injured

Personal Injury

This covers non-physical injury caused by slander (saying something bad), libel (writing something bad), and invasion of privacy.

Advertising Injury

Covers you if you use advertising that slanders another person or infringement of copyrights, titles, and slogans.

What Our Customers Say About Us

"As a customer of GP Insurance, they have demonstrated excellent customer service and a high degree of hands on experience in the insurance market. GP spent the time investigating and combing the market to provide the most comprehensive, cost effective insurance coverage options for us. I am very pleased at their service, support and guidance in these difficult times and heartily recommend them to others."

Robert Heppenheimer

Nursing Center Owner

"GPI has been our go to agency for over 20 years. They have been able to get us tailored policies, and they focus on every detail that can help us save money and maximize coverage. It is rare to be able to reach your agent at any time, but with GP you will never have to worry about anything! They will be there from beginning to end! I would highly recommend them for any time of policy you are searching for as they will treat you like family."

Shiv Patel

Hotelier Owner

"As an owner/operator of 5 restaurants in New York, managing all of our insurance policies with different needs can be extremely time consuming. GP Insurance handles all of our business insurance needs, from commercial general liability, umbrella, to liquor liability. They take care of all of our policies so we can focus on managing our restaurants. GP Insurance works with reputable, reliable, and affordable insurance providers. I highly recommend GP Insurance for all of your business insurance needs."

Jeff Lam

Managing Partner at Cloud Nine Hospitality

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GP Insurance will help you manage your risks with a portfolio of coverages specifically curated to your needs. We will advise on solutions and reach out to various insurance carriers to find policies that meet your budget.

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We construct a portfolio of products to mitigate your risk

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